I photograph with the sole purpose of creating a print, not for on-line viewing. 

Any of the photographs you see on my website can be purchased as a print,
either Piezography or Platinum/Palladium.

The tone and contrast of the print may not match what you see on the screen.

Please use the Contact page for more information.



Black Hills and Surrounding Area  

When I retired from the Marine Corps, I had to drive from California (where I filled out the retirement paperwork) to Virginia (my home state, where my extended family lives).  Along the way I became a tourist in my own country, and among my favorite places to camp was Custer State Park, in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  I found the history captivating, the landscape beautiful, and the people friendly, so I decided that this would be my new home. I moved here in the late summer of 2016, survived the first Winter, rented a home, and set up a studio.


New Mexico

I've traveled through New Mexico several times for workshops at the incomparable Don Messec's Making Art Safely, and spent a week camped at Ghost Ranch in Northern New Mexico. The history and variety of landscapes of the area are amazing and a photographer's dream.



The Marine Corps sent me to California in 1999, and that was my residence off and on for the next 10-12 years. The variety of photographic subjects in California is unparalleled, but my job kept me busy enough that I didn't take advantage of it. Regardless, it is a place I enjoy photographing, and I will be back.



Colorado is without a doubt one of the most picturesque states in the union. There is a lot of the Rockies to explore, and I've only seen a little so far. I will be back.


Other America

I grew up in Virginia, and there is a lot to see between there and South Dakota.  I try to stay off interstate highways, and I typically don't drive more than 6 or 7 hours a day; both those things allow me the opportunity to stop when and where I want.  




When the Marine Corps sent me to Japan, the change of scenery from what I was accustomed was enough to entice me to get serious about my photography. The awe-inspiring variety of textures and colors is truly amazing.  I'll probably be back.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong lives up to its reputation. It is a chaotic, colorful and intriguing place, and my two visits were not enough.  Highly recommended. I will be back.


Other Asia

I was lucky enough to travel to other countries in the Far East, both for work and vacation.  Just like Japan and Hong Kong, each of these places has its own character worthy of exploration.