Although I’ve owned a camera for almost 40 years, a serious artistic interest did not develop until four years ago when I moved to Japan and was exposed to the vibrant and diverse landscape of the Pacific Rim.  Japan and its neighboring countries are rich not just in color but also in texture and detail, and I was therefore quickly drawn towards monochromatic.  

Not satisfied with how my prints looked from the standard inkjet printer and frustrated by the inconsistency in lab-printed photos, I invested in a replacement inkset called Piezography for my own printers.  Piezography uses up to seven pigmented shades of gray instead of colors, and has specialized software to eke out the full capabilities of the printers.  By replacing the standard ink with cartridges loaded with pigmented monochromatic inks, the results are spectacular: true black and white with no dithering, a darker black than even the manufacturers can provide, and exquisite detail and tonality not obtained with standard inks.

These carbon-based inks are for all intents archival, and if used on the right paper will last for hundreds of years without fading. Although I enjoy printing my own digital and film photographs, I offer my capabilities to other photographers who demand the highest quality print for exhibitions or gallery shows. Contact me if you are interested.


I photograph with the sole purpose of creating a print,
not for on-line viewing.

Any photo on my website can be purchased as a print,
either Piezography or Platinum/Palladium.

I also employ the ancient alternative photography process of Platinum and Palladium printing. Platinum and Palladium printing uses a solution of light-sensitive iron salts and noble metals, brushed onto fine watercolor papers, and exposed to ultra-violet light while in contact with a large format negative (film or digital). The ultra-violet light induces a chemical reaction which affixes the metals to the fibers of the paper, resulting in a finely-toned, archival and stunningly deep print.  


Each platinum and palladium print is unique: it is challenging, unforgiving, and the results are spectacular, which explains why platinum and palladium prints are valued by artists, collectors and museums across the world. 

Paradoxically, the simplicity of a fine art black and white print reveals the complexities of tone, texture, and light in any particular scene. It is this complexity masked in simplicity that I am attracted to, and which I hope you come to appreciate as you view my work.

If you are in the Black Hills of South Dakota area, you can view and purchase my prints in three places:
Buffalo Boys Gallery in Custer
Art Expressions Gallery in Custer
Art Forms Gallery in Hill City